The process of change and new behavior

Change takes time, as it is often about creating new behavior, in order to secure lasting business results.

Demands for change often comes when the company’s management team has set clear, strategic and tactical goals and has realized that new and greater demands must be put on individuals and key functions in the organization facing new competition, changing demand from customers, new buying behavior and expectations from shareholders and the board.

The solution is not just about to acquire a new skill set or additional competence. Most often it requires changes in behavior and in attitudes, both within the company and towards customers and the market. It is always hard to change inner thoughts, the old ways of doing things and processes you are accustomed to.

Change curve

The traditional change curve describes the different phases an individual normally has to go through. Each step takes time to pass. Sometimes individuals also go back and forth between the phases before taken steps forward. From the first stages of frustration, through acceptance and eventually seeing the enthusiasm for change and results, takes time. Length and effort will be different for different employees.

It is not enough just to provide competence

Increasing skills through courses and training does not always ensure the desired lasting results. The challenge is to implement new ways of working in everyday life. It is difficult to manage these processes only with resources within the organization. Expertise in change management are not always available and it's hard to be "a prophet in your own organization." It is therefore an advantage to use an external resource, like Xplan.

As implementation consultants, Xplan supports you to successfully complete your journey of change. We analyze and give advice of necessary steps in the change process to ensure that new requirements for skills and behaviors are at hand. Most importantly we stay close to your organization to ensure success in the implementation phase. We know that new behaviors requires continuous coaching over a long period of time.

Our involvement ensures a timely implementation of change, with lasting results, from top to bottom, from bottom to top. Through our long experience of managing change, we know what it takes to succeed and what brings lasting results.

The need for change

Our world is changing faster and faster. Demands on efficiency, availability and results are becoming higher. The competition is getting tougher. Globalization means that everything is only a “click” away. Expectations are rising, both from customers and from your employees. To meet these challenges, high demands are put on both management and individual employees.

Whatever reasons for change and targets that are set, a supporting management system must be adopted, not necessarily the one that exists.

Success will in future be synonymous with change and the pace in which those changes will be implemented! Running successful change processes requires experience! We have done it since the start 1993.

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