Interim Management

Commitment from day one. Result directly!

When you need quick access to an experienced person, with a long operational management experience, capable of directly stepping into your organization during a shorter period of time, you should consult Xplan.


Our consultants are operational with your clear targets and expected results in focus.

We offer you a complete solution that includes both an Xplan consultant, with long operational management experience, and an Xplan team designed for your unique needs. Whether it's an emergency replacement, a change agent or a specialist in demand we have the resources.
We operate from day one.

In addition to acting as interim managers, we can also be used as second opinion in a recruitment process and in a transition period support and coach the new employee.

Our leadership and actions follows the Xplan methodology and core values – management by objectives, measurability, openness to change, sustainability, continuity, intensity and integrity.

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