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We help you to grow and increase profitability

Your strategic partner within organization, leadership and sales development

We offer management and employees business advice, skills development and operational support to develop their daily sales and business work.

The goal is to create, together with our customers, sustainable and prosperous organizations where efficiency, creativity and job satisfaction work together.

You’ll find our customers among entrepreneurial companies and large international operations.

Joakim Särnstedt, CEO and founder

To succeed with your process of change, we contribute energy, experience, competence, structure, management by objectives and endurance, we call it Business Endurance.

As implementation consultants, we make the diffenence

The recipe to success is to work with the often missing link between daily challenges and overall personal and corporate goals.

We show what needs to be done. And how. But above all, we help you to make sure that it is really done!

As implementation consultants, we make a difference!


Analysis and consulting

For decisions enabling relevant actions

We identify critical success factors and solutions that quickly can be implemented in your business.


Competence development

Transform knowledge into practical skills

We develop knowledge into effective new ways of working.



To walk the talk

Implement strategies and decisions with high efficiency.

Customers and References

We have built our experience together with 100’s of companies

For over 25 years, we have had the pleasure of helping organizations and employees in most industries to develop.

Below you will see a selection of our customers over the years.