We help you implement you strategies and decisions

Xplans konsulter har lång erfarenhet av att på ett konkret sätt fungera som rådgivare och addera mervärde i en mängd olika organisatoriska och affärsmässiga frågeställningar.


Develope your sales and business organisation to be equipped for the future

The digital development, new buying patterns, and changed decision making progresses requires new ways of working and new business skills.

What can we do for you?

Through our experience, competence and drive we provide you with entirely new opportunities to increase business efficiency to attain your goals. We are professionals in streamlining sales and business operations.

Analysis and consulting

For decisions enabling relevant actions We identify critical success factors and solutions that quickly can be implemented in your business.

Competence development

Transform knowledge into practical skills. We develop knowledge into effective new ways of working.


To walk the talk Implement strategies and decisions with high efficiency.

Do you recognize yourself?

Common challenges

  • Demand for increased profitability – requires increased efficiency, which in turn requires smarter and more effective ways of working
  • The need for change – the pace and pressure are increasing, your map of the market is redrawn, new competitors are added, digitalization and technological development are driving change
  • Employee inherent inertia to “embrace” change
  • Problems to convert from productivity to efficiency
  • Challenge to go from being reactive to proactive

The goal of our efforts

  • Go from word to action – where strategies and plans become reality
  • Increased business efficiency – through a structured way of working
  • A new comfort zone is reach by your employees – they do not fall back into old ways of working
  • Long-term and lasting change
  • Increased proactivity – gives earlier access to the customer’s decision-making process
  • Wider contact area in your customer’s power base

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