Sales and business development program

The objective of the programs is to identify key business success factors, develop operational plans and implement concrete actions leading to results.


The programs are adapted to the target group

The sales and business development programs are all about process of change and development in which participants will strengthen their performance management capabilities and business leadership and skills. Implementation of strategic and operational sales plans and business efficiency is our main focus.

Operational support

The implementation process is based on operational coaching and counseling at both group and individual levels ensuring that students reach their sales and business goals in an effective way. Throughout the program, participants receive ongoing operational support in the day to day sales and business activities.

To succeed with your change projects

We customize our assignments to everything from large organizations and groups to individual programs.

We secure that all success factors in a change project is in place. Xplan’s concept is the base from which we modify according to each customer’s specific needs, situation and goals.

Change processes and behavioral change take time and require a lot of work. But the reward for succeeding is worth all the work and absolutely crucial to the continued success of many companies.

Year-long projects to achieve lasting results

Our customer projects are running during up to one year and the customers key employees are trained in smaller, homogenous groups together with regular individual coaching. Additionally the business supporting routines and structures are optimized to increase the result even further.

Examples of target group:

  • Management teams and managers
  • Sales and business management

  • Key Account managers, account manager, and other sales resources

  • Business teams and business support
  • Customer service resources
  • Consultants, specialists, and other functions/persons with market interaction

Create a strong sales culture

We help our customers in creating a strong sales culture by developing the participants within sales management, business efficiency, and businessmanship. The participants shall perform their customer meetings both in an efficient way and with high quality.

The objectives, strategies, and focus areas established, shall be anchored by the participants. Leaders and coaches shall actively work with sales development. It shall be possible to measure every objective on a regular basis.

The purpose of our projects is to increase sales and profitability. Getting the best out of the sales organization.

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