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25 years of experience in cooperation with leading companies


Accumulated experiences and insights from industry

Customer cases

Since we started in 1993, we have arbetat med många organisationer inom ett flertal olika brancher, you’ll find our customers among entrepreneurial companies and large international operations.

Take part in a number of selected customer cases that are characteristic of our way of working and of what we have achieved together with our customers.

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Lapp Miltronic has used Xplan as a strategic partner for over fifteen years

Focus has always been on achieving tangible and measurable improvement in performance, which both develops Arkitektkopia and our customers.

The process of change

When you like to change behaviors, and create something new

Succeeding with change is about getting past mental obstacles. What’s new threatens many initially, both managers and employees. It’s not strange. Our brain resists the unknown, the “new”.

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