Seminars and lectures

We provide insights and inspiration at kick-offs, hold seminars at sales meetings and lecture on interesting current topics at customer events.


We help you reach your goals

Our goal is for participants to get concrete tips and methods that can be implemented directly in their everyday work. That is our ambition whether we do a long-term customised program or hold a seminar or give a lecture for one or two hours. Before each effort, we therefore prepare and customise the message based on the target group’s perspective.

Examples of seminars:

“Joakim Särnstedt led a high-octane webinar on what characterizes successful sales. And Joakim knows his stuff. As CEO and founder of the consulting company Xplan Affärsutveckling AB, he has over 30 years of experience in educating and coaching organizations, management and employees.

The key to success is to succeed in building long-term relationships. To get there, business managers must focus on becoming advisors instead of informants, and gain access to decision makers early on in the sales process. The relations can be followed and developed successfully through a model, a flow, consisting of activity plans, a structured planning system and well-formulated goals.

Thank you for an inspiring morning with rewarding insights into what components are needed to reach the customer’s acceptance of both their needs and the supplying company, prior to the actual solution, so that successful sales can be achieved. ”
The Marketing Association in Gothenburg
– MiG

How can we best provide inspiration for you

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