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Business Schools

With Xplan’s business school you get your skills mapped, the exercises tailor made and an individual approach to training for all employees.

Business Schools customized for your needs

During the program your participants will meet with consultants from Xplan who have a long and wide experience, who are well informed about your business, your market and your challenges.

The business school will be designed for different roles in your organization. Sessions will be scheduled over time, sometimes up to a couple of years, ensuring development in pace with changes in the market. 

We work with assignments before and between courses, and our consultants are available on demand and have experience of coaching and mentoring in order to further strengthen the development

Complete with customized coaching programs

You also have the option to call for additional customized coaching programs for individuals and teams.

Plans and possibilities for personal development is a proven strong competitive advantage to attract the best individuals to apply for a position in a company. With Xplan’s business school you get that competitive tool in the battle for the best employees.