Consulting in business development, sales and leadership

Xplan’s consultants have long experience of concrete actions adding value to a variety of organizational and business challenges.


Business consulting

Companies sometimes face major challenges in the daily operations. It might be difficult to choose the right way forward. Our experience is that external, independent and experienced advisers adds great value both in identifying challenges and in finding effective solutions to these both for managers and employes.

Advice for better business results

Since the start in 1993, we have acted as advisors to businesses and individuals. We familiarize ourselves quickly with challenges, solve various business problems and define important development areas.

We have deep knowledge and long experience of what define successful business organizations. We support organizations and individuals, managers as well as employees to achieve better business results

Examples of actions:

  • Participation in an Advisory Board
  • Personal advisor, mentor and business coach
  • Supporting the development of business plans and strategies at operational, customer, and individual level
  • Advice and implementation of strategies for internal and external communication
  • Advice on developing or developing bonus and incentive systems
  • Advice on the recruitment of key personnel in the sales and business organization

Free business advice

Contact us for a discussion regarding your company’s current business situation. Our experienced consultants can quickly evaluate and give advice for your specific situation. Our conversation may, for example, concern the need for changes and development of your sales and business organization, leadership development or personal mentoring. During 1 hour, you will receive concrete advice on how you and your organization can develop and change and where the potential for improvement lies.

Find out if we are the right partner for you and how we can best help you and your company.

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