Xplan On Demand

With our help, you can act faster and with greater precision making decisions and thus significantly improve your business efficiency!


Digital business advice for increased efficiency

Are there times when you quickly need access to concrete and professional advice in the ongoing work to solve a business issue? Do you want quick access to an advisor/coach to test your thoughts and ideas? Would it be valuable to discuss and reason about strategic issues with an independent person?

The Xplan On Demand concept can support you with advice, coaching but also continuous skills development, both via physical and digital channels in the way that suits you best.

We help you make more informed and successful decisions!

Why Xplan on Demand?

There may be several reasons why an external professional resource is the best option:

  • Internal resources are not available
  • The problems need to be resolved quickly
  • Independent advice and expert opinion are needed
  • The competence is missing completely or partially
  • Simply put: it feels safe and valuable to exchange thoughts with an experienced and independent person.

Our consultants

Xplan’s consultants have solid competence and experience in developing organizations, management and employees. All consultants have extensive experience of working as advisers to businesses and organisations. We can quickly familiarize ourselves with and act on the challenges of different businesses, but also refine important development areas.


We are characterized by a strong commitment, goal focus, action power, clear leadership and analytical ability.
We know what it takes to drive successful change processes and are constantly committed to achieving our customers’ strategic and tactical goals.

The information that is handled and discussed between Xplan’s consultants and individual employees is regarded as confidential. This means, of course, that we handle this information with high integrity and complete confidentiality.

With our unique concept, our customers can act faster and with higher precision in their business decision processes and thus significantly improve their business efficiency. Contracting an external partner with high business competence and integrity ensures increased confidence efficiency.

Sign a framework agreement

The business model is simple, customer-oriented and is based on a framework agreement where you subscribe to our experiences and knowledge. You decide where, when and how Xplan on Demand should be activated.

Initially, we meet management and key employees, share strategies, business plans and other important information. We meet those who have access to Xplan On Demand and familiarize us with their responsibilities, their daily work and what goals they have. We discuss challenges and opportunities and how to make the most out of our business model and gain access to our consultants.

When you have a need you decide how to use Xplan On Demand.

You have ongoing access to your advisor, when and how often you decide. In addition to this, we have meetings scheduled once per quarter where we adjust the cooperation and how we develop it going forward. Xplan’s customer portal Xplan Academy is our common digital platform.

With our help, you can act faster and with greater precision in your business decisions and thus significantly improve your business efficiency!

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