Our core values lead to lasting business results


Strong commitment

We have developed our core values to guide all our customer projects, as well as our internal processes. Our key words are Clarity – Engagement – Long-term – Integrity

Management by objectives

To run projects without goal management is to orient without map and compass. Management by objectives is the driver behind everyone in the organisation moving towards the same goal at the same pace. Managing by objectives creates a dynamic and commited organisation, and leads to new effective solutions.


What cannot be measured cannot be followed up. By establishing clear and measurable targets for our customer projects, the targets can transformed into action plans that can be followed up upon and provide a status on the progress of the project.


Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients, having aquired a lot of experience from those clients businesses. This fact of course places a great demand on our integrity. Our strong integrity is shown by us winning new assignments by recomenndations from our existing clients, something we are proud of.


Acheivement of strategic targets often means that people and structures have to change and develop. For a project to succeed requires change. It could be new ways of working, implementation of new tools, or just a new way of thinking. In order to be successful in a particular field or industry and to keep that position, you must constantly develop. As an external partner, Xplan can act independent of internal structures and power balances.


Change projects require a high level of intensity in order to be successful. We act as a driver and execute our project with a strong commitment and high intesity in both activities and follow up. The level of intensity in our coaching ensures that the entire project really moves forward.

Long term

To establish and develop lasting successful behaviors it takes endurance and a long term perspective. Rooted patterns and ways of working are often hard to break anda take time to change. Without the long term perspective in planning and execution the desired outcome is seldom acheived.


Succesful change management and the establishment of new behaviours takes continous support and coaching during a longer period. A project is not finished until is fully implemented. It will not be a success if progress is halted along the way, with loss of time and need for a restart. A change project is not something that can be done little by little from time to time, it has to be performed according to plan.

Transparent business model

Our clients will always know what outcome to expect from a particular assignement. Our business model is thus clearly described and well defined in terms of targets, time plan, and level of investment, for every assignement. This will enable you to assess actions and effect before the project starts.

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