Open education programs

Unique open courses where the combination with individual coaching gives you the business skills, tools and energy needed for successful sales and business work.


Meet others with similar experiences

Our open education is an opportunity to meet others with similar experience, coming from other companies and industries. Great for companies having hired new staff, enabling them to obtain and leverage the same theoretical and practical platform as colleagues who have previously participated in Xplan’s projects.

Successful onboarding for new employees

Sales managers often start by going through the training with the objective of letting salesmen and other key people participate in future programs. Others have used the educations as an opportunity to really evaluate Xplan’s methods, with the opportunity to later add different customised programs.

Right education for you?

The combination of theory, practice and individual coaching means that all people having customer contacts, not just sales people, appreciate and value the education. It could be customer service staff, consultants, field service personnel and others with market and customer contacts.

Xplan’s customer portal Xplan Academy – our common digital platform

Here you will find all material relating to your programs and educations. Here are also tips and inspiration for you to successfully develop your daily sales and business work.

During and two months after completion of the training, you have access to all material via Xplan’s customer portal.

Said about our education

Very good at combining education days and personal coaching, better conditions for implementing tools and changing working methods.

This level and the quality of business education should benefit everyone in our company who has customer contacts.

I have attended many sales training but never received as much concrete tips and tools as in Xplan’s education.

Thanks to Xplan’s commitment, the entire organization now has a greater focus of finding new customers and we are repeatedly closing significant strategic businesses. We are also working more closely together as a team and in a more structured way.

I have taken some courses since I started Siemens trainee programs and later several internal as well as external sales training. It is far from everyone that you know really changes your way of working.

This level and quality of business education should everyone in our company who have customer contacts take part of.

I have attended many sales training but never received as much concrete tips and tools as in Xplan’s education.

This training that I have attended myself holds a very high level. The content is highly relevant and gives concrete tips in the everyday life of a seller. I was very pleased with the dialogue between the participants and the pedagogy from especially Joakim. This is an important investment (both in time and money) that we will continue to build on for a long period to come. One tip is to get alert and focused as you (hear and amaze) get the most out of the days.. 😊

Thanks to Xplan’s consultant, we were able to unlock several complicated deadlocks and unforgiving attitude in a very constructive way. We got the sales people with us and optimized the organization both resource wise and with the right tools.

The engagement you have showed me and my company and the support I have received, I thought was not possible to get at a reasonable price. Thinking of the result, the invested money has given me more than I have expected

The sellers are a bit burnt on sales training after participating in a less successful venture with previous constellation and another supplier, but Xplan is something else entirely!

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