Tougher demands – Sales manager squeezed between two shields

Powerful temporary help from Xplan?


In a severe recession, a subcontractor to Swedish industry is faced with the risk of losing sales when orders to existing customers decreases. In order to maintain its sales volume, management demands that new and existing customers should be visited more frequently and systematically. New and tough demands are placed on salespeople and sales management. The sales reps do not believe in the model and the sales manager is squeezed between demands from the management and protests from the sales reps. When the sales manager leaves his employment, Xplan is asked to solve the task.



Xplan’s consultant makes a brief study and it is clear that a thorough review is required, of requirements, expectations and opportunities. By involving the sales team in the process of change and by seeking cooperation with other internal departments, everyone understands the challenge and also sees an opportunity to contribute to the solution.



Sales operations continue to deliver results from day one. A structured plan is presented to the sales team and implemented with methods of working within the team as well as with other departments that will support them. After discussion and dialogue, the sales reps work towards new, clear goals, more motivated and more efficient.


Comments by the customer

“Thanks to Xplan’s consultant, we were able to unlock several complicated deadlocks and unforgiving attitude in a very constructive way. We got the sales people with us and optimized the organization both resource wise and with the right tools.”

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