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Successfully go from action oriented to target oriented

Cases » – Competence development, Implementation


Two employees in the north region of the company are not delivering according to the targets and strategies of the company. One of the reasons is a general fear when penetrating the powerbase at the key customer. Another reason is the lack of targets and management by objectives.


Xplan coached and trained the two employees in both creating clear business and action plans, and in the operative penetration of the powerbase of the key customer.


Both the participants are today working with business and action plans, resulting in a much more structured way of working. The initial fear to penetrate the powerbase has also been handled, meaning more meetings generating larger business opportunities.

Comments by the customer

“The work by Xplan has resulted in positive changes in both the behavior and in the attitude in penetrating our key customer in this region.”

Do you meet the right people in the power base of your customers?