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A Swedish company listed on the stock exchange with several business units, where the leadership competence for the different managers varies a lot. As this created consequences on the business result, the management was convinced to long term secure the competence for the managers in the business organisation.


Xplan established a development project for these managers, including regular training regarding business planning, management by objectives, and operative coaching. Parallel to this work, similar projects were run within the sales organisation.


Through this training several managers have been able to create a clearer target and business management structure, which has resulted in a higher internal efficiency and customer value.

Comments by the customer

”The importance to continuously develop and increase the competence also on management level is very important. The work done by Xplan has strongly resulted in our good present position. We have therefore decided that Xplan will be an integrated part of our ongoing leadership development process, where focus in on business planning, management by objectives, and operative coaching.”

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