Better structure and many new customers

Need to review the structure in your business organization?


One of the leading brokerage companies in the insurance industry recognizes the need to find a better business structure and increase business efficiency among its members. The present situation indicates that everyone has more than enough to do, and thus little or no time for canvassing. Member companies also have a heterogeneous approach towards the market.


Xplan was assigned to pursue a business development project for the member companies, long term. The goal was that everyone involved should follow sharp business plans with clear actions so time would be used effectively, making room for attracting new customers. Xplan developed a competence environment with a combination of classic education and operational coaching in the day-to-day activities, ensuring that targets were achieved.


A year after the project was initiated all participants worked in a more structured and effective way, and spent more time with new customers. The unified approach towards the market has also strengthened the company’s image.

Comments by the customer

“Thanks to Xplan’s actions, we now have the right focus and the ability to grow. We have also decided to continue with the operational coaching from Xplan, securing good results long term.”

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