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From low motivation to a strong engagement

Cases » – Analysis and Consulting, Implementation


A large state-owned organization that has created a new “concept” to increase the efficiency of the organization. Within the different units the agreements for the new functions included in the future ways of working are renegotiated. The interest by journalists due to internal leakage creates large worries among all persons involved in the change activities. When the consultants of Xplan were involved, the attitude towards the future work place is very low among all stakeholders.


Our consultants perform an attitude survey through interviews/talks and participate in different internal meetings. The result of the survey is reported to the management team, who together with our consultants sets concrete attitude targets. The change process is started by an initial all employee meeting in order to increase the involvement in the project. From the set targets the employees are then divided into smaller groups, where each one is involved in a unique change project in line with the overall targets and concept created by the company. During one year the consultants of Xplan work as motivators and mentors to every single group.


All employees are today involved in efficiency work within the business area. One also works with its own development projects in the daily life and the efficiency “concept” of the company is established with a more positive attitude towards changes.


Need of change in attitudes and behaviors?