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Implementation of a homogenous strategic business plan

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An international group of companies have too low margins due to the fact that some local companies are running their business more as a separate company than as part of a bigger group. This sub optimisation leads to the fact that the other companies in the group are suffering from lower profit and the whole group in total is not generating the result that could be possible. There is also a risk that key people within the local companies that are acting in this way later, could become a competitor be starting similar businesses.


After the initial pre study it was obvious that business plans on group level were missing, except the financial targets set by the board. The management team had to develop a strategic business plan, which was broken down into tactical business goals and action plans for every local company.


The work done by Xplan made every local company work with clear and common targets, which resulted in a positive development of the profit for the group and also an increased share price value.


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