Succeed with changes in troubled times

Long lead time in recruitment?


A large industrial group is undergoing a major organizational change at the same time as the ownership of the group is unclear. The change project had started and must continue despite the internal turbulence. A manager in a leading key position does not coop with the necessary changes and ends his employment. However recruitment of a new manager cannot begin until the ownership has settled.


Xplan is assigned to quickly get involved in the business and to appoint an interim manager to ensure that the work of change continues according to the strategic plan. During 12 months, Xplan’s consultant is heading the department with ten employees in two locations, leading the operational work and the department’s internal work of change and the collaboration with the production and project departments in the new organizational model, in a COO office.


Operations are minimally disrupted and the change project can continue. A new manager is recruited and works in parallel with Xplan’s consultant before the assignment is completed. The new manager comes directly into an organization fully up to speed.

Comments by the customer

“We quickly got a knowledgeable and driven leader in place and, despite major turbulence, were able to keep our extensive operations going according to plan and in a new organizational form. Cooperation within the department also improved substantially where the two locations previously had not communicated at all.”

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