Change management for lasting new behaviors

Change management is about leading the move from a current state to a new desired level.

The goal of the change is to achieve the desired state in such a way that the affected individuals feel comfortable to work at the new level and do not need, nor want, to go back to the old one.

There are numerous examples of the need for change. One can be an individual who must alter attitude and behavior, another one a team that develops teamwork to achieve new goals, or an organization that successfully implements a new business process. Even a society might need to change based on demands from the outside world, and therefore creates new structures, based on normative, economic and cultural aspects.

The importance of external advice and support in the process of change

It is often difficult to successfully handle change within an organization with its existing resources. The skill and experience of change management is sometimes limited and it may encounter obstacles trying to become “the leader of change” amongst ones co-workers. Then it's an obvious advantage to use an external and experienced partner like Xplan.

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