Selected customer projects

During more than 20 years Xplan has built up expertise in many industries. That said, experience shows that customers' challenges are often industry-independent and human related and need to be addressed accordingly.

Below, we have compiled some projects which represents the way we work and what we have achieved together with our customers. Often partnerships start with challenges like:

"We know our market but find it difficult to allocate time for proactive sales."
"We are experience difficulties in selling our complete product portfolio. We only sell what we are confident with."
"We find it difficult to broaden the network of relations with decision makers within our customer’s power base."
"We have clear financial objectives but vague action plans."
"We work a lot but not always effectively."
"We have a good business plan on paper but have failed to implement it and the activities required."

These are examples of problems that many businesses have today. What are your challenges?



Permanent changed business behaviour

The insurance companies have step by step started to decrease the compensation level to the brokers and also split the compensation over several years. To meet this change the insurance brokers must...
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From reactive to proactive sales processes

Large international audit and consultant company realize that they need to change their sales processes and develop the sales competence of the auditors and consultants, in order to face external change...
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Better structure and many new customers

One of the leading brokerage companies in the insurance industry recognizes the need to find a better business structure and increase business efficiency among its members. The present situation indicates that everyone has more than enough to do, and thus little or no time for canvassing....
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Implementation of a homogenous strategic business plan

An international group of companies have too low margins due to the fact that some local companies are running their business more as a separate company than as part of a bigger group. This sub optimisation leads to the fact that the other companies in the group are suffering...
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From low motivation to a strong engagement

A large state-owned organization that has created a new “concept” to increase the efficiency of the organization. Within the different units the agreements for the new functions included in the future ways of working are renegotiated. The interest by journalists due to internal leakage...
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Creating an efficient communication structure

A Swedish company with the ambition to strengthen their role as market leader. To be successful the management realized that one key critical success factor was the potential for the whole business organization....
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Roll out of a clear process for management by objectives

Unsatisfied board of directors. Management team in a company with sales in more than 50 countries and with targets not communicated and broken down to those persons responsible for delivering them. As the employees didn’t...
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Strategic partner to secure the leadership competence

A Swedish company listed on the stock exchange with several business units, where the leadership competence for the different managers varies a lot. As this created consequences...
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From heterogeneous to homogenous ways of working

One of the leading industry companies in Sweden with several thousand employees experienced a clear demand to become world class regarding leadership and businessmanship, in order to reach a leading position on their market. One critical success factor...
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Supporting a manager in his career steps

Sales manager at a middle size company within the insurance segment feels unsecure how to develop his competence and build his personal network in order to take the next step in his career....
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Personal advisor with short notice

Top manager at a large bank get the task to build a new business concept. There are no customers and no other player on the market with a similar concept....
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Selling the own company

A smaller privately held company has problems with the profit at the same time as the owner is thinking about selling the company and focus on another product area. The challenge was both to increase the profit and...
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From action oriented to target oriented

Two employees in the north region of the company are not delivering according to the targets and strategies of the company. One of the reasons is a general fear when penetrating the powerbase at the key customer. Another reason....
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The importance of breaking new ground and get new customers

A large international consulting company wanted to establish relationship and business opportunities with a number of new key accounts...
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Business partner for Arkitektkopia AB for a long time
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Miltronic has used Xplan as a strategic partner for over ten years
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