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In order to get a more accurate picture of your current position in perspective to your desired targets, Xplan can carry out analyzes at organization, team and individual levels.

Lack of analysis in change projects is unfortunately far too common. Proper analysis is the foundation for high efficiency and high quality in the following implementation phase.

Examples of actions:

  • Analysis of the business management process

  • Supporting the development of strategies and plans at business, customer, and individual level
  • “X-ray” of sales and business organizations
  • Go-to-market analysis
  • Customer and market analysis

  • Analysis and advice in the recruitment of key personnel in sales and business organizations

  • Analysis, advice and support in the implementation of CRM systems
  • Advice in development of bonus and incentive systems

Well-established business strategy

Organizations that want to be competitive need to have a well-established business strategy. In order to develop a successful strategy, analysis of the current state of the business and identification of the critical success factors are required. They must ensure that both the operational and the long-term strategic goals are achieved.

Increasingly higher demands

Analyzes are often performed when higher demands for growth, profitability and customer satisfaction is put on the organization. The need to analyze both the internal organization and how to navigate successfully in the market is obvious. Important areas such as the product mix, service portfolio, pricing, sales and marketing strategies, employee development and organizational structure are often subject to careful analysis.

Xplan is often used to carry out analyzes in the above areas as a basis for effective decision-making.


Both companies, managers and employees sometimes face major challenges in their daily operations. Then it can be difficult to know which way is right.

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